Essentials Of Nuclear Medicine Imaging 5th Edition

Essentials Of Nuclear Medicine Imaging 5th Edition

Through four editions, this resource has shown itself as the ideal introduction to atomic imaging methods. The 5th Edition includes a new color arrangement, together with many user-friendly attributes like “Pearls and Pitfalls.” Over 600 images in digital-quality resolution portray imaging of every body system. A run of Unknown instance Sets, together with replies, help test your comprehension.

  • Includes useful appendices including Injection Methods, Pediatric Dosages, Non-radioactive Pharmaceuticals, and many more.
  • Presents significant “Pearls and Pitfalls” in every chapter.
  • Comes with a fresh full-color format making information simple to read and find.
  • Offers full-chapter coverage of hot topics like Cerebrovascular System · Cardiovascular System · Traditional Neoplasm Imaging and Radioimmunotherapy · and Positron Emission Tomography Imaging.
  • Includes seven full Unknown instance Modes for self-testing.

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