Essential Speech And Language Technology For Dutch Results

Essential Speech And Language Technology For Dutch Results

The Publication provides an overview of over a decade of Combined R&D Attempts from the Low Countries on HLT for Dutch.

It not only presents the state of the art of HLT for Dutch from the regions covered, however, more importantly, but a description of those sources (tools and data) for Dutch which were created are also currently available for both academia and industry globally. The contributions cover several aspects of human language technologies (such as Dutch): corpus collection (such as IPR topics) and construction (specifically one corpus aiming in a assortment of 500M word tokens), lexicology, anaphora resolution, and a semantic system, parsing technologies, speech recognition and machine translation, text (summaries) creation, web mining, data extraction, and text into speech to name the most essential ones.The book also reveals the way the medium-sized language community (crossing two lands) can produce a digital speech infrastructure (tools, resources, etc.) as a foundation for succeeding R&D. At precisely the same time, it packs donations of nearly all of the HLT research teams in Flanders and the Netherlands, thus provides a view of the latest research activities.

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